FIC: Existence
This is my contribution for the Eleven-themed month over at who_at_50. You can also consider my very belated contribution to the 2012 eleven_romana ficathon.

Title: Existence
Author: akashasheiress
Words: 2733
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, drama, angst, body-horror.
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Romana, the TARDIS, OC (after a fashion).
Summary: The Doctor and Romana have found each other again. Then something unexpected happens.
Warnings: This is babyfic. Or more accurately fetusfic. Issues of abortion and violation of bodily autonomy are explored, hopefully tastefully (if not, feel free to call me out). Also, non-graphic description of Time Sex.

NOTE: This fic might be changed a bit once I post it to the Teaspoon. I want to make it longer and intricate, but I was past my deadline and I don't want to be way too late for February's prompt.

It wasn't as if they had needed any incentive to have the sex that would eventually lead to... it

Fezzes are cool!
Sorry to chime in with the general theme, but unless I experience some kind of burst of creativity of unprecedented proportions in the next couple of hours, I don't think I'm going to make my day for the ficathon. I will, however, do my best to have it up very soon - watch this space.

City of Waiting
Well, I've got a first chapter for everyone. 2600 words Approx. and Romana will show up later I promise. No warnings. Well, unless a serious lack of editing counts as a warning. *blush*

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I'm going to be a bit late with my contribution this year. It just kept getting bigger and running away from me. it should be up by the 28th though, or at least the bit with Romana should be, and if it isn't, smack me. ;D

Discussion Post
Post all of your story ideas here. Encourage other members. Have fun!

It's that time of year again!!
The time when we gather together to write fic (and make art) about Eleven-era characters meeting up with Romana. Why do we do this? Because Eleven is awesome and Romana is awesome, therefore putting them together must obviously = double the awesome and the fic results from past years certainly supports this conclusion. So, without further ado, I open day registrations for the third annual Eleven_Romana ficathon!

Please post below to choose a day in October!

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Have fun!

If you need character or plot ideas feel free to drop by the discussion post for ideas.

Fic: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Fezzes are cool!
Title: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Author: jjpor
Characters: Romana (IV?), the Doctor (11th), mentions of the S6 crew, a couple of British Prime Ministers, one original companion, Autons, Ice Warriors, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, Uncle Tom Cobley and all
Rating: All ages
Word count: 13,000 approx (it grew!)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its many different copyrights and characters do not belong to me but rather to the BBC and/or their original creators. The Daleks in particular belong to the Terry Nation estate.
Author's notes: It's only *mumble* days late, too! It's sort of a sequel to my earlier Eleven/Romana stories Fearful Symmetry and Stop Me If You've Heard This One, generally looking at how the surviving present-day Romana in those might react to the events of the Season 6 finale (and if you want to know how she survived, read those stories - shameless plug there! :D). And a bit of Doctor/Romana too, because that's what I'm into.
Summary: As the Doctor approaches his big day - in more ways than one - he turns to one of his old friends for help. And she remembers some of the times they had. Spoilers for The Wedding of River Song.

Fic: Taken for a Ride (2/2)
Chapter 2Collapse )

Fic: Taken for a Ride (1/2)

Title: Taken for a Ride
Author: john_amend_all
Characters: Romana (author created), Canton Everett Delaware III
Rating: All ages
Word count: ~4330
Disclaimer: "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
Author's notes: This is the same Romana as in my previous eleven_romana story, Among the Jarveys of the Metropolis.
Summary: Canton Everett Delaware III is asked to track down a mysterious woman (spoilers for The Wedding of River Song).

Also uploaded to Teaspoon, awaiting moderation at the time of posting. Chapter 1Collapse )


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